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About Us

Frouzaki Military Apparel enters the 21st century following the steps of its founder, focused in the selection of the finest materials, traditional hand-sewing, production and distribution of all uniform accessories. Constant research of the clothing sector results in top quality customer care at the best prices in the market.

In our website you can sample a part of our 70 year experience in production of Military Uniforms for all Armed Forces, Police Force and Fire Brigade. Apart from military apparel we undertake uniforms and accessories for music bands, horse riding, hotels, clubs, theatrical and cinema productions, security guards, schools, airline companies, hospitals, museums etc.

Our private-owned head office features more than the standard off-the-shelf uniform and apparel applications, as we have a specialized division that can design and produce any uniform that fits even the most demanding standards of quality and precision.

Our expert craftsmen and their quality control of production guarantee the high class uniforms and accessories that made Frouzakis an acclaimed company in the military apparel, specialized uniforms and costumes field.


















Military Apparel since 1935

How to take uniform measurements yourself (2MB Adobe Acrobat file)